The internal pattern generator can be used to calibrate the Panasonic GZ or HZ Series in SDR, HDR, and HLG modes. 


To Connect to the Panasonic Internal Pattern Generator:

  1. Connect the CalMAN computer to the same network to which the Panasonic TV is connected.
    1. Via the Panasonic On-Screen menu Menu\Network\Network Status\Status Details note the IP address.
  2. On the Panasonic TV, open the Picture menu
  3. Under Picture\Viewing Mode, select Professional 1 or Professional 2
  4. Under Picture\Lock Settings, enter PIN
    • Press the i button on the remote then press 0, 8, 5
  5. Arrow down to isfccc Network and press OK on the remote.
  6. At this point, the TV will read “Waiting for Connection.
  7. Click on the Find Find Source button, select Panasonic from the dropdown menu
  8. Under Socket Connection, enter the TV’s IP Address that you noted above.
  9. Click Connect on the Find Display dialog.